How to save at the supermarket?

While there are many things that we can do without and contribute to sustained savings, there are also certain items that we cannot survive. We are talking about food, and the odyssey of having a plate of food every day without leaving all the salary in the supermarket.

But not all is lost. Saving in the supermarket is possible, you just have to take into account a series of measures when you go shopping.

Plan your Purchase Surely Your Budget Will be More Than Enough

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The “little list” never fails

When leaving your home do not forget to bring the traditional supermarket list. This is an ancestral method, which until today remains a fundamental weapon when it comes to dealing with purchases.

To give good results, diagram it according to the products you really need. Try to be very specific and don’t try to memorize it. I wrote exactly everything you need.

Once in the supermarket, guide yourself with that list and avoid getting out of it, unless you find a product on offer, or with an item that you have forgotten to include in your “memory aid”.

Plan meals

It is important that you already have a daily menu diagrammed at the time of shopping, so you will avoid acquiring extra items, or that they end up expiring.

If you go with the idea of ​​what to cook, and how to combine different ingredients, you will surely be able to optimize your purchase to the fullest.

Say NO to prepared meals

To the previous point we can add the non-resounding to prepared meals. First, because it is more expensive to buy made, and secondly, because there is nothing healthier than homemade food.

At times it is tempting to go to those products already made, but do not despair. Today there are thousands of easy recipes that you can access via the Internet, and that will not require you much elaboration time. Easy, rich and economical is a possible formula.

Buy after eating

This point is fundamental. Going to the supermarket after eating will save you more money than you can imagine; because going hungry fuels cravings and surely you end up staining unnecessary things.

Unless you go for the purchase of the month, the cart should be excluded from your walk through the supermarket. It is that the mere fact of carrying it unconsciously forces us to fill it little by little.

Take advantage of discount coupons

Although they seem insignificant percentages, the discounts offered by coupons, whether on the Internet, magazines, or even on some products; in total they can save you a few pesos in the line of boxes.

Compare prices

This is necessary if the goal is to save. It will require a little more time, but the results will be reflected in your pocket.

Do not be guided by the bad influence of “the more expensive the better.” Take the time to inquire and make a difference.

Leave the boys at home

If you really want to save, it is better to go shopping without the children of the house. The reason is clear, they are magnets of unnecessary products that are ultimately reflected in the account.

Do not let yourself be tempted

Supermarkets are responsible for marketing and behavioral studies. Nothing is by chance, each thing is strategically located to get our attention and encourage us to buy. Do not fall in the trap!

With these tips, saving on supermarket purchases will be easier and easier. Take advantage of them!